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Assess Student Learning with Flipgrid (Session 3 in the 7-Session Tech Learning Series) - KIDS - Online Registration System

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Assess Student Learning with Flipgrid (Session 3 in the 7-Session Tech Learning Series)
Start Date: Wed, Mar 17, 2021 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm Workshop #: 7157
Presenter(s): Ben Sondgeroth - LTC of IL

Online Course,
Date Summary:   1 Session on 03/17/2021.  


Third in a 7-session series addressing various topics that will assist teachers in becoming better users of technology tools in the classroom.

When technology is introduced into our classrooms, it opens up new and more meaningful ways to create engaging assessments of our student's learning. It also allows us to leverage new ways to uncover what students know, think, feel, and understand about the content we are teaching. When looking at different tools we can use in the assessing of student learning, Flipgrid stands out above the rest. Join us as we explore how you can leverage Flipgrid with your students!

* Participants will be able to create and share their first Grid with their students.
* Participants will be able to create, share, and collect responses to their topics in Flipgrid.
* Participants will be able to provide feedback on student-submitted responses to their topic in Flipgrid.

Registration fee is nonrefundable.

Laptop, desktop, or Chromebook with stable (unshared) internet connection is required. Cell phone is not sufficient for this training. Google account is also necessary prior to session.

Zoom connection information will be provided the day before training.


  • Professional Development Credits  (PDC)
Date Time Location
03/17/21 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm Online Course

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