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Rights & Responsibilities in the Disciplinary Process
Workshop #: CECO-06


This course will guide teachers and administrators toward understanding their school’s discipline policies and to better understand and manage disruptive and violent behaviors. It is designed to help create and maintain save and orderly environments. Participants will identify the practical and legal definitions of force as well as their rights and responsibilities, particularly regarding the use of physical restraint. They will also learn to correctly describe and document incidents and explore strategies and techniques that are preventative. This course is an essential tool for all school personnel.

Course Objectives:

  • To investigate teacher and administrator rights and responsibilities in regards to the school’s discipline policies.

  • To adopt non-physical strategies and techniques while disciplining.

  • To define and interpret legal terms regarding use of physical restraint.

  • To correctly describe and document responses to disruptive incidents.

Student Expectations:

Students will be required to:

  • Research the discipline policies of their school.
  • Complete written self-reflection exercises.
  • Complete on-line tests.
  • Post answers to questions to the on-line forum.



Upon completion of the course, students can decide if they would like to receive credit and from which university they would like to receive credit. Please see University Affiliations under the Information Center for the cost per credit.

Class Outline:

Lesson 1
1a. Situations in Schools
1b. Examples of Incidents
1c. Imagine a Situation

Lesson 2
2a. Force Defined
2b. Who Gets to Decide?

Lesson 3
3a. Necessary and Reasonable
3b. Necessary Defined
3c. Reasonable Defined
3d. Making Decisions
3e. Documenting Your Decision

Lesson 4
4a. Necessary & Reasonable – Expanded Definitions
4b. Physical Factors You Can Consider
4c. Does an Alternative Exist?

Lesson 5
5a. More On Alternatives to the Use of Force
5b. Assessing the Situation
5c. Must You Act Now?
5d. On How People Cope With Stress

Lesson 6
6a. Alternatives to Using Force – Your School’s Policy
6b. No School Policy
6c. IEPs and Use of Force

Lesson 7
7a. Document, Document, Document
7b. Review

Post Survey
Course Evaluation
Final Exam

Contact Information:
425-788-7275 ext 104


Graduate credit is available after course completion for an additional fee from various universities.

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