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Giving Directives That Students Will Follow
Workshop #: CECO-05


Teachers and administrators learn a four-step verbal skill that will help them take responsible control of K-12 students. This online course teaches them to end power struggles and gain cooperation from resistive students. This fast and effective, choice-based approach to behavior management is being used successfully by thousands of educators. Teachers learn to develop meaningful classroom management plans for maintaining a safe and orderly classroom that maximizes learning time.

Course Objectives:

  • To examine the four-step verbal skill for giving directives to students.
  • To perform the skill and develop mastery of the techniques.
  • To adopt the value set of Safety, Order, and Rights.
  • To formulate plans for using the technique in the classroom.

Student Expectations:

Students will be required to:

  • Rehearse the skills and report on the results.
  • Complete written self-reflection exercises.
  • Collaborate with peers using the on-line forum.





Upon completion of the course, students can decide if they would like to receive credit and from which university they would like to receive credit. Please see University Affiliations under the Information Center for the cost per credit.

Class Outline:

Lesson 1
1a. A Teacher’s Thoughts Before the Start of School
1b. The Constructive Discipline Approach
1c. Safety, Order and Rights® in the Classroom

Lesson 2
2a. Your Classroom Management Plan
2b. Routines & Procedures
2c. Rules & Consequences
2d. Your School’s Discipline Policies
2e. Appropriate Consequences
2f. Constructing Your Plan – The First Days of School
2g. Lesson Plan for Classroom Rules

Lesson 3
3a. Overview of the 4-Step Verbal Technique
3b. Learning the Skill Steps
3c. Step 1 - The Polite Directive
3d. Quiz on Step 1 - The Polite Directive
3e. Rehearsing the Skills
3f. Step 2 - Establish the Expectation

Lesson 4
4a. Step 3 - State the Consequences
4b. Step 4 – Provide a Choice

Lesson 5
5a. Review

Lesson 6
6a. Plan Your Discipline Policies
6b. Practicing the Steps with a Group
6c. Review of Dealing with Groups

Lesson 7
7a. Plan Your Discipline Policies
7b. Final Thoughts

Post Survey
Course Evaluation
Final Exam

Contact Information:
425-788-7275 ext 104


Graduate credit is available after course completion for an additional fee from various universities.

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