Welcome to our Hiawatha Jr/Sr High School home on the web. As principal, I am excited about the upcoming school year.

As Bob Dylan said, "... the times, they are a changing." Just consider how cell phones, fax machines, and the Internet have changed the way we communicate. It is said that our knowledge base is growing exponentially. The increased interconnectedness of the world economy has ensured that countries with well-educated, skilled and adaptable workers will continue to prosper.

A quality education in the Hiawatha Schools will help prepare our children to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in these changing times. While no one can predict the future, it is my hope that we can inspire each and every one of our students to try to do their best in the situations they encounter at school and in life.

I would like to create a school where each and every child feels important and is allowed to grow, learn, and develop as an individual. It is my hope that students will master the basic academic skills, become good thinkers, good citizens, and life-long learners ready to take on life's challenges.

Our Hiawatha Schools should be an important place in the lives of our students and community. We need to create a school environment where everyone is respectful of each other's rights and differences. Our school needs open and trusting communication between students, staff, parents, and the community. We need a school where fairness is a priority.

As our society moves from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, our approach to education must reflect these changes. We need to prepare our students for the future while teaching them the important lessons of today.

Thank you for visiting my welcome message.

Ty E. Wolf, Principal

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